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Hey I'm Guardgenie! 21 years old. female. As you could guess I do color guard. I tend to blog about the various fandoms I love. Basically whatever is my obsession of the week. Legend Of Korra, Avatar, Newsies, Oban Star Racers, Ouran, Teen Titans, Young Justice, Fairy Tail, Game of Thrones, Disney, Broadway...to name a few. I also track the tag guardgenie.Also feel free to browse some of my more popular fandom posts on the left! And Check Out My Art!

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Literally the entire episode was about doing the do

Like seriously zero plotlines unfolded

And I am 120% ok with that

So I watched the new ep with my bff cuz she was over and she had no prior knowledge of the series so I was trying to explain things the best I could but basically ended up saying:


There’s not nearly as much sex in the rest of the episodes

They did the do thrice!

Oh god

Awkward Jamie is the cutest Jamie


i might be fake but at least i never turned on gabriella to impress my basketball team : /

A fanfic combining Disney's Frozen with Avatar (TLA & LOK) →


A friend of mine wrote this fic sometime back. She and I felt that it needed more exposure. One because it’s a fine combination of Avatar and Frozen. Two, because it’s not perfect and some constructive criticism would be good to give to it. Give it a chance but don’t shy away from pointing out any flaws.

Thank you and happy reading.

Disney Women + Quotes


when im looking for a fuck to give


ugh i gotta get up at 6am tomorrow for a football game that starts at 1pm

like whyyyy

the struggle


"Look at this dress! It’s MADE for you!"



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